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The Lost Legends of Redwall™ : The Scout Act I review

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The Lost Legends of Redwall™ : The Scout Act I Review

The Lost Legends of Redwall™ : The Scout Act I is an application developed by Soma Games. The Lost Legends of Redwall™ : The Scout Act I was first published on . The Lost Legends of Redwall™ : The Scout Act I is available for Steam, Other.

The Lost Legends Of Redwall™ : The Scout

Dive into the epic, story-rich world of the wildly popular Redwall™ series with The Scout, a three-episode adventure game filled with engaging puzzles, charming characters, and a stunning woodland world to explore.

In the winter before the Summer of the Late Rose, when the army of Cluny the Scourge is destined to descend upon Redwall and face Warrior Matthias, searat crews sail through Mossflower, paving the way for Cluny to follow. One of these hordes lands upon the shores of the humble Lilygrove Village, eager to destroy it and any who stand in their way.

Play as Liam or Sophia, the newest member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, as the young mice find themselves on the journey of a lifetime to save their home from the ruthless searat pirates. Their quest will lead them past dangerous vermin, through mines built by moles, into the clutches of an owl captain, and even straight into a den of stoats. Will they reach Redwall and save their friends before all is lost? Or will the searats, who will stop at nothing to end their journey, destroy them first?

The Scout Act I

After months of training, betrothed mice Liam and Sophia are ready to graduate into fully-fledged Lilygrove Scouts. But their plans are cut short when the searats attack Lilygrove, burning everything in their path. At the order of Captain Robin, the young Scout must reach the great lighthouse of Lilygrove Bay to warn the forest of the vermin danger and call for aid from their friends, if they can reach it before the evil wearet Scumsnout can stop them.


The Scout is alive with both friend and foe, each sporting their own stories, values, and motives. It’s up to you to decide whether Sophia or Liam will prioritize the mission and leave the others to save themselves or take the time to lend a helping paw. But be warned — vermin aren't interested in the help of a woodlander.

As a mouse, you rely on stealth and agility to evade your enemies. Using your trusty slingshot, your silent paws, and your excellent sniffer, you must make use of sight, sound, and scent to avoid getting caught in the paws of a rat.

The Scout debuts a dynamic scent system unlike any game before it. Rather than stagnant, pre-designed paths that imitate scent, particles read the wind and the environment to simulate realistic currents and pools. Scents themselves consist of parts and patterns designed around real scent theory.

When traversing the world of Mossflower, you make use of your mouse agility to explore the world in a unique and wondrous way. Shimmy along ledges, scramble sheer cliffs, and even squeeze through impossibly small spaces. With courage, faith, and friends by your side, Mossflower's fate rests in your paws!


  • A puzzle-adventure game set in the wondrous world of the Redwall book series
  • Play as either Liam Rivermouse or Sophia Ryemaid in a delightful and compelling story
  • Innovative scent puzzles, fitting for woodlanders who experience the world primarily through their noses
  • A mouse-sized player in a human-sized realm to explore both original and familiar places in Mossflower Woods
  • Conversation and Relationship mechanics to entice allies and fool your foes, unlocking myriads of unique dialog trees
  • Original soundtrack created especially for fans of Redwall
  • Voice-overs performed by British voice actors new and established

The Lost Legends of Redwall™ is inspired by the wildly popular characters and world created by Brian Jacques in the Redwall™ best-selling book series, published by and on behalf of Penguin Random House and now announced for a major movie and TV series by Netflix.

The Lost Legends of Redwall™ is a proud collaboration between Redwall Abbey Company Ltd, Penguin Random House UK, and Soma Games. Together we have nurtured a product that we believe captures the original heart of Brian Jacques’ masterpiece. Lovingly crafted at every turn The Lost Legends of Redwall™ hopes to earn its place among the influential games of the new millennium.

The Lost Legends of Redwall™ : The Scout Act I

3.5 / 5

The Lost Legends of Redwall™ : The Scout Act I Logo
Author: Soma Games
Size: 4 GB available space

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