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RPG Maker MV - Beast man Generator review

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RPG Maker MV - Beast man Generator Review

RPG Maker MV - Beast man Generator is an application designed by Gee-kun-soft. RPG Maker MV - Beast man Generator was first published on . The app is available for Steam, Other.

About This Content

Let your animalistic tendencies come to life with this new Beast man Generator pack! Now you can create mean, tough, snarling man-creatures and enemies with all the usual features of badness: horns, tusks, snouts, ears, teeth, body sprites and lots more!


Clothes: 20 Male
Accessories or antlers: 10 Male
Beast ears: 5 sets
Set of eyes: 3 sets
Beast face: 3 shapes (Leo / lion, Lizardman, Werewolf)
Beast tail: 4
Front hair: 4 male
Rear hair: 4 male
Beast body: 3 male (Leo / lion, Lizardman, Werewolf)

** In order to use the contents in this pack firstly it is very important for you to make a backup of the original normal-body templates such as SV_body_p01.png, SV_body_p01_c.png, TV_Body_p01.png, TV_Body_p01_c.png, TVD_Body_p01.png, TVD_Body_p01_c.png .

After successfully saving the original body templates into other folder you can swap in the beast body templates by clicking "body" folder in each SV, TV, TVD folders.

Please visit our website for more information on how to use this pack. Link is on the right under "User Manual"

RPG Maker MV - Beast man Generator

3.5 / 5

RPG Maker MV - Beast man Generator Logo
Author: Gee-kun-soft

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